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Not for Profit Organizations

Offering M-Learning Platform for Non-Profit Organizations

Want to keep costs low? We have a solution that comes wrapped in specially priced packages customized for Not-for-Profits Organizations.

Organizations such as yours have already profited by moving to a mobile-learning platform. Some of the benefits include:

• Reduction in print cost
• Quickest way of keeping the Organization’s core group informed
• No specialized skill required to upload relevant content
• Reduced upload time
• Monitor access and test knowledge transfer

What can do for you?
Imagine all the demands for information by your various stakeholders being fulfilled at one portal. Below is a short summary of how the need to keep Fund Raisers, admin staff, supporters or the beneficiaries informed on the various programs.

Additionally, these can be tracked and reported for due diligence and compliance

In keeping with the mission and values of we offer the capability at special rates.

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