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M-Learn Services

Custom M-Learning
You want a M-learning experience that feels completely personalized to your learners. You want it on your brand, and a great design experience that’s completely tailored to your needs.

Developing and refining your m-learning strategy and delivery model, developing a rapid m-learning approach selecting the right design tools, and training your team.

Voice Over
Whether you’re creating a new courses, sharing a new vision, or announcing a major change, we’ll help you communicate your key messages.
Course Upload
We will help you to create the courses in Excel sheet and upload it into our m-learn platform as easy as 1-2-3.
Course Design Facilitation
Enhance the skills and capability of your internal Learning & Development (L&D) professionals. We have the processes, skills and tools to help you identify and enhance the weaker areas of your L&D function.

Our Research specialists will take a hand-picked group of employees or industry knowledge experts through a range of rigorous research process which will critical insights to inform business-boosting decisions.

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