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About Us

M-Learn on the go, an amaROCKS Group company is a Canadian organization providing High Quality - Highly Accessible - Highly Affordable, Business, Personal, Professional and Productivity Tools, Educational Courses and Certification in a unique format for e-learning, online, distance, mobile learning and classroom training.

Over the past several years, senior executives from business major associations and corporations with significant experience in conducting and facilitating business educational business sessions around the world have collaborated to produce excellent business educational material available exclusively through an online education partners.

It is well known that Mobile Learning can provide enormous benefits for the organizations and individuals involved with:

• Improved performance: A 12-year research study found that higher education students in online learning generally performed better than those in face-to-face courses.

• Increased access: Facilitators and instructors of the highest caliber can share their knowledge across borders, and around the world. Recognized experts have the opportunity of making information available worldwide, at minimum costs.

• Convenience and flexibility to learners: our courses are self-paced and available 24x7. You are not bound to a specific day/time to physically attend classes. You can also pause learning sessions at your convenience. High technology is not necessary. Basic Internet access, audio, and video capabilities are common requirements.

So join the 21st Century Revolution in Business Education and Get Smarter.

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